The fallen in death's garden must await,

Plant-like to be one day returned to life,

Once tended to by beings of great power,

Who turned embittered by pride to strife...


Take on the role of a demon prince fighting to stake your claim over the abysmal plain. Harvest souls, summon minions and unleash diabolical magicks to eliminate your opponents!

Soul Harvest is a local multiplayer strategy game with an arcade flavor. It's meant to be played with gamepads, supports up to 4 players and requires no advanced RTS skill: there are only 4 buttons! So grab a few friends and try out our alpha demo!

A demonic twitter button A demonic facebook button A demonic steam button A demonic indiedb button A demonic button A demonic presskit button
A GIF animation of demons fighting in Hell


Our demo(n) is hosted on IndieDB and can be downloaded for free with no hidden costs, tricks or traps.

Soul Harvest Greenlight page
Soul Harvest

Soul Harvest is programmed by Jimmy Wallace 'jwseid' Seid and illustrated by Matthieu 'Sha' Sablier, with music and sound from Erik 'Viking Guitar' Peabody and Taylor 'tlr' Shechet.

See you in Hell!